Logan Paul ‘Has Changed’

By Kanach Peterson

YouTube sensation Logan Paul has ended his content hiatus today by appearing on Good Morning America.
In late December, Logan Paul uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of over 16 million subscribers that depicted the irresponsible and inconsiderate actions of him and his entourage at Japan’s Aokigahara forest. The forest is known by many as the “suicide forest” because of the high volume of people that commit suicide in the forest. The video sparked instant backlash from all over the internet, with several other well-known internet personalities calling him out on the severity of his actions. On, January 2nd he uploaded his formal apology video along with a message to his fans saying that he will be taking a break from the platform to understand suicide and “take time to reflect.” Last Wednesday, Logan Paul posted a video to his channel titled “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow,” where he explains that he spent the past 3 weeks understanding suicide and how big of a problem it is in society. In this time, he spoke to individuals who attempted suicide as well as meet with Dr. John Draper, the director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Logan Paul also made a hefty donation of $1 Million to several suicide prevention resources.
This morning Logan Paul appeared before America as a different person. In his interview 1 on 1 interview, Michael Strahan pressed Paul on the key points of his actions that upset so many people. Paul said that he believes he deserves the criticism and blame for the array of poor decisions that led to the video being uploaded.
“This has been, to be honest with you, the hardest time in my life,” he said. “I think I’m going to earn a second chance. I don’t think everyone should get a second chance. Some people do horrible things … this was a horrible lapse of judgment. And I can, will and am going to learn from it and be a better person.”
The extreme backlash from the community led to Logan Paul being removed from the Google Preferred partnership, decreasing his YouTube ad revenue by almost half. But it wasn’t until after the community was in an uproar that YouTube took this action, releasing a statement saying, “The channel violated our community guidelines, we acted accordingly, and we are looking at further consequences.” It is believed among many that YouTube hesitate to punish Logan Paul because of a bias towards him over other creators.
Whether or not Logan Paul deserves to be forgiven for his actions is up to the individual. But it is clear that he has taken the necessary steps to seriously understand the severity of his actions and use his influence for a good purpose.

Memo Is Released At Last And It’s Worse Than Watergate!

By Asish Samson

The highly clamoured for and controversial House Intelligence Committee Memo was released on Thursday after approval from President Donald J. Trump. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman released wrote up the FISA memo. The information released in the memo casts a shadow over the whole Trump-Russia investigation and FBI along with the Justice Department.

The memo reveals that the Justice Department used the Steele dossier to get FISA applications even though it knew about its murky origins. But the DOJ omitted this from the FISA applications. Andrew McCabe the former FBI confirmed that the FISA warrant would not have been sought without the Steele dossier. The FBI employed Steele and gave him payments to work on the Dossier but later fired him after he made his work public by talking to the media. DOJ official Bruce Ohr met Steele and reported his Anti-Trump bias to the DOJ but they ignored it. The FBI and the Justice Department tried tooth and nail to keep this information private. But, immense pressure from the public and legal consequences forced them to turn over the information House Intelligence Committee which compiled them into a memo. After this, the DOJ, FBI and the House Democrats combined to form an opposition against releasing this memo and cited various reasons like endangering national security and Obstruction of Justice. Many of the liberals and democrats took to social media. While Initially they downplayed the memo and called it irrelevant, as the day grew nearer this turned to screams of outrage and denial as this burst their bubble of Russian Intervention. The memo implicates Hillary Clinton, Former President Barrack Obama along with others as the memo cites various incidents of abuse of power including secret surveillance of the then Nominee Donald Trump by the previous administration.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters and conservatives have used the social media to call for the release of this for the past month. On early, Thursday the Trump supporters took to Twitter to express their joy and the hashtag Memoday was trending. As this was happening, the MSM and Democrats tried various diversions, denials and downplaying. All in all Trump seemed to started another blaze with his drive for transparency.

The full memo is here!

SOTU Proved That The Democrats Hate America

By Steven E. White

On Tuesday, January 30, President Donald J. Trump stood in front of Congress and the American people, and delivered a powerful State of the Union speech. The address was meant to be a uniting moment for both parties, but the dems showed no enthusiasm or gratitude. Though many Americans and members of congress felt inspired and grateful, the majority of democrats in congress seemed to despise all of the good news and remarks that were shared. As Trump mentioned the many accomplishments of his first year in office, they scowled in hatred for the President, and perhaps America.

As Trump was introduced and announced, the room clapped and cheered; all except the quiet left wing. He began his remarks, speaking to congress and Americans, “each day since(his election) we’ve gone forward with a clear vision, and a righteous mission, to make America great again, for ALL Americans.” He then recapped the year, and highlighted many American heroes who risked their lives to save others during disasters like Hurricane Harvey, and the Vegas strip shooting, “So let’s begin tonight by recognizing that the state of our union is strong, because our people are strong!”

“Since the election, we have created 2.4 million new jobs, including 200 thousand new jobs in manufacturing, alone. Tremendous numbers.” Trump began his remarks on wages and jobs. “After years and years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages. Unemployment claims have hit a 45 year low.” As the room uproared with clapping, most of the Democrats didn’t bat an eye. Apparently they don’t like Americans keeping more of the money they earn. We know Nancy Pelosi doesn’t, when she tweeted in regards to Trump’s major tax reform bill, that the savings of Americans because of this bill “were crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on, it’s so pathetic. I think it’s insignificant.” It’s interesting she said this about the bill, which was projected to save the average American about $1,200 a year; because she described Obama’s $40 payroll tax cut, in 2011, as, “a victory for all Americans.”

Trump continued, “Something I’m very proud of; African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.” The sad part is, the democratic African Americans in congress didn’t show any gratitude or enthusiasm for this remarkable feat, as if they don’t care for the African American community. “…and Hispanic-American unemployment has reached the lowest levels in history!” – still barely anything from the left. In fact, they looked utterly disgusted and appalled. Nancy Pelosi seemed to be fuming, her face contorting enough as if she was slapped across the face with a pancake.

Left wing members of congress showed little respect and attention as Trump talked about helping Veterans, some scrolling through their phones. Luis Gutierrez had to walk out of the room, as the people chanted, “USA!” over and over again.

What does this show us about the Democratic party? For a recap, they must be greedy and can’t stand the people keeping the money they earn. They must hate the black and hispanic communities. They must hate America, or at least they refuse to show support for the President, and swallow their pride to work together. Maybe they’re still mad about losing, even with the the entire MSM on their side. Who knows; but they should really put their differences aside to help Trump Make America great again, unless they want to lose again.

Liberals Cry SEXIST Over Ed Sheeran Getting Award For ‘Shape Of You’

By Asish Samson

The viral hit pop song “Shape of You” by the British singer Ed Sheeran won the award for Best Solo Performance on Sunday Night Grammy awards. This led to furious screams of rage and despair from several sections of liberals and feminists all over social media. All the outrage over was particularly due to two reasons: They claim Shape of you objectifies a woman’s body and Ed Sheeran was the only male nominee in the category and beat other female nominees to win.
Many distressed liberals took to twitter to express their outrage. Jen Chaney, a Vulture magazine columnist expressed her apparent dismay on twitter. She claimed her son was “confused” about why Shape of you won(as if every child questioned Grammy’s as a healthy part of growing up). She expresser her dismay over not being able to answer him. Many others claimed Ed Sheeran being a man as the only reason for him winning a Grammy, While others claimed he had no right to win just because he was a man while completely missing the point that no other song reached the level of exposure or fame that Shape of you has reached. Other nominees in this category include Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Kesha. All these artists have previously made video songs that include intense objectification of themselves along with acute profanity.
Shape of you debuted number 1 on Billboard 100 and stayed there for almost an year while Kesha’s nominated song was at number 67. It sold 240,000 downloads and 20 million streams in its debut week alone. The song reached 1 billion streams on Spotify in June 2017. The music video of Shape of you on Youtube was one of the fastest videos to reach 1 billion views while the video itself is the third most viewed video ever in Youtube history. Shape of you is also Australia’s highest selling song of the year.

While Ed Sheeran received a lot of flak for winning he also received a lot of support from for his performance in the Grammys. He had previously stated that he had written the song in tribute of Rihanna and in a positive way.




The SOTU Exposed The Democrats For Who They Are: 7 Democrat Blunders

By Asish Samson

US President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. While his address has received widespread approval among the general public, the Democrats present in attendance played spoilsport. Most of them sat grim faced all through the address. They even refused to stand many times during the address when most of the house stood up to applaud. Some of the instance for which they didn’t stand are truly shocking. These are elaborated below.

Lowest Black Unemployment: Shockingly many black democrats and members of the black caucus sat on their hands when Trump brought up the administrations success in bringing about the lowest level of black unemployment in 40 years. This should have been something that both Republicans, Democrats and the general public should have been happy about. But this only drew applause from one side of the aisle.
National Anthem: This should have been expected but still it is rather disturbing. When Trump announced that everyone should stand for the National anthem this left many democrats confused. House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi stood and tapped her hands, then looked at her colleagues who refused to stand up and shrugged. This further underlines the Democratic party’s stance on patriotism.


MS13 Victims: When Trump brought up the subject of illegal immigration the Democrats booed and groaned but had to quickly shut up when Trump introduced the families of victims of MS13 gang members who were killed. Trump shared the story the story of the two girls killed and called for unity, strict laws and an end to loopholes that allowed illegal immigration. All through this the Democrats sat sour faced.

Job growth and Higher wages : Trump brought up the subject of the increasing number of jobs, higher wages and the reducing unemployment numbers boosted by his deregulation, tax cuts and economic policy. While this should something to rejoice about the Democrats responded ny sitting on their hands firmly and sporting faces of increasing contortion.

12 year old who honoured Veterans: Trump brought up and introduced the 12 year old boy who laid flowers on Soldiers graves on Veterans day. Trump praised the boy for this virtuous display of love for his country. While this should have evoked an emotional response, the Democrats sat stone faced all through this.

Steve Scalise: One of the biggest rounds of applause was given when Trump brought up and called out Rep. Steve Scalise who was shot by a radical liberal in July 2017. But even through this some Democrats sat stubbornly highlighting their agenda even when one of their own numbers was shot.

Melania Trump: Usually, First Ladies from any party are greeted by all the house irrespective of the President. But, Melania Trump who arrived in gorgeous white pantsuit was greeted by the dour faced Democrats who seemed to be exhibiting different levels of constipation. The level of hatred for anything related to Trump shows that the Democrats agenda is based on people rather than policy.

All these blunders by the Democrats only serve to repel the people away from their party and hurt their electoral prospects badly. 0




Yoga Is White Supremacy, According To Liberal Professors

By Asish Samson

Apparently Yoga, the Indian practice of meditation and exercise is racist and also promotes white supremacy according to two liberal professors. Shreena Gandhi, a Professor of Religious studies in Michigan State University and Lillie Wolff who proclaims herself an “antiracist white Jewish healer” co-authored an article which proclaimed that the American and European practice of Yoga particularly by whites promotes racism, cultural appropriation and “perpetuates white supremacy”.

According to them the very fact that more and more white people are practicing Yoga is evidence of “Systemic racism” that is built on “ labor of black people and the people of the global South” even though Yoga originates in India which is actually present on the Northern Hemisphere. One particularly disturbing passage claims that
“ Western yoga is often represented and marketed in mainstream culture by thin, white, upper middle-class, cisgender, able-bodied women. Another layer to this reality is that white dominant cultural values such as competitive individualism and either/or binary thinking further distort and dilute the ancient teachings.”
Another passage even goes even crazier with the authors targeting whites particularly like this “ in order to uphold the foundation and on-going functioning of white supremacist and racial capitalism, white people are taught to be ahistorical and emotionally repressed. In order to maintain the status quo, white people are taught to sublimate and anesthetize feeling”. This passage paints a very biased and twisted way of white people ij general.
The authors also claim that white people consciously or unconsciously misuse power for a false sense of superiority. All the hate and the vitriol against white people in this article is truly appalling. They further proclaim that Yoga “rightfully” belongs to Indian women. Even though Indian men have also been practicing Yoga through the centuries. They demand that Yoga teachers and Yoga studios should offer discounts to people of colour, immigrants, queer, trans etc. Paradoxically they claim all this was to be done for “Love and Unity” while simultaneously dividing people along race, gender, sexuality, nationality lines. They call for Yoga to decolonized and that the whites should consider the well being and “liberation of Indian people” even though what Indians needed to be liberated of is not specified.

Meanwhile, In India the people feel proud and honoured that their practices are being followed worldwide irrespective or race, gender or nationality. Most Indians in America are also happy to practice Yoga which originated in their motherland. Even many Indian Yoga gurus like Baba Ramdev consider the American practice of Yoga as a thing to feel proud about and should be encouraged.

All this shows that like most liberal problems and issues the only place Racist Yoga exists is in their heads. All the oppression and injustice is only present in virtue signalling articles and protests. At the rate the American liberals are going they are bound to run of things to declare racist and have to do with declaring their very existence a racist thing and blow themselves up. It is stunning to learn that even now the American left has failed to grasp that identity politics and racism cards no longer work and only drive people away.


Grammys Face Terrible Ratings Due To Anti-American Narrative

By Kanach Peterson

Sunday nights Grammy’s in an unsurprising series of events was filled with forced celebrity political agenda all the way through. The reason I called this unsurprising is because, it isn’t. American award shows have been filled with celebrities shoving their political agendas down the throats of viewers for decades now, so its only natural that it would continue today. And what better issues to cover during the entire award show but the same liberal narrative that we see on a day to day basis anyway. Last nights Grammys were filled with repetitive anti-Trump jokes and predictable skits.

Kendrick Lamar performed an explosive opening performance with U2 along with a comedic interjection by Dave Chapelle. Lamar’s performance included male dancers as soldiers, and then as hooded figures drop one by one to the sound of gunshots. He was then interrupted by comedy legend Dave Chapelle who joked with the crowd saying, “Hi, I’m Dave Chappelle. And I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America. Sorry for the interruption.” While the performance was intense and explosive it was somewhat watered down by the low-grade political jab by Dave Chapelle. His joke at the Grammy’s is no different than the basis of nearly his entire Netflix special he did in 2017.

The Timesup movement was a big part of the 2018 Grammys. Multiple celebrities showed their solidarity with the movement by carrying white roses with them. Timesup is a movement against sexual assault founded on January 1st, 2018 by Hollywood celebrities in response to the Weinstein effect and #Metoo.
Janelle Monae gave an introduction on behalf of the Timeesup movement to Kesha’s performance of “Praying”. It is assumed that this performance was likely directed towards her old music producer, Dr.Luke. In 2017, Kesha fought an ongoing legal battle with her former music producer of accusations of emotional and sexual abuse.
The ceremony also included several references to topics such as the debate over DACA immigrants and the government shutdown that ensued after it. Another performance dedicated entirely to the victims of the largest mass shooting in U.S history in Las Vegas last September.

But to end it all, the host of the Grammys James Corden presented a prerecorded sketch where several celebrities read from Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.” The book falsely explores the behavior of President Donald Trump and his campaign staff while on campaign and in the White House. Stars that commented during the skit included, John Legend, Cher, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khalid, Cardi B, and finally Hillary Clinton.
On top of all the political performances and jabs at President Trump the 2018 Grammys saw an all time low as far as ratings go. This isn’t a first either. 2017 saw some of the lowest award show ratings of all time.

Victory For Populist, EU Hating Czech President As He Wins A Second Term

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

Milos Zeman has now won his second term in office as President of the Czech Republic, with 51.55% of the vote, as opposed to chemistry professor Jiri Drahos with 48.44%. The voter turnout was over 66%. The difference between these people, as noted by CNN’s Sheen McKenzie, is that Mr. Zeman is a “hardline anti-migrant”, while Mr. Drahos is a “soft-spoken academic.” Drahos does not have any prior political experienced before now running as an independent, whereas Zeman has been Prime Minister from 1998 to 2002 before being elected President in 2013.

Zeman is known for his critique to “EU, immigrants, Islam, the media and urban elites,” according to McKenzie, and has also campaigned for stronger ties with Russia and China, making some reporters call the election “a Choice Between Leaning East or West.” Drahos, on the other hand, are in favor of both the EU, NATO, adopting the euro, and going in a more Western direction.

The Constitution in Czech politics limits the President, but he does have the power to name the Prime Minister, judges, central bank board members, and sign bills passed by parliament into law. Mr. Zeman has promised Andrej Babis, a billionaire businessman, the title as Prime Minister. He has said that he plans to reappoint Babis next month, as his current presidency doesn’t end until March.

Political analyst Michael Romancov said that “Zeman never questioned the Czech membership in the EU, but on the other hand he would welcome a referendum on exit and in practice he significantly deviated from both EU and NATO.” Zeman himself said he’d give the people the choice: “Brexit is a choice that must be respected.” He has allegedly “caused panic in Brussels by failing to rule out his own Brexit-style referendum.” Despite claims of being anti-EU, he still supports staying in the Union, and according to activist Petr Bouska, “he still flies the E.U. flag over the castle.” Bouska does, however, add that “it could soon be joined by a Russian or Chinese flag.” During his first term of office he blocked the country’s planned entry to the eurozone, claiming he supported adopting a common currency, but only if Greece “leaves the eurozone or is excluded,” because he doesn’t want “Czech taxpayers to pay Greek debt.”

His anti-migration stance is best illustrated in one of his statements from 2015: “I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organized invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees.” This attitude being popular in Czech politics, the country can be compared with Poland and Hungary on its “stubbornness” of accepting migrants. For instance, they were required to accept 2691 migrants, and only allowed 12, declining any more entries, and are still fighting in EU courts over the issue.

This stance doesn’t seem to be subjected to change anytime soon, so unless EU considers applying sanctions to force them to accept more migrants, they likely won’t. And even if EU does so, the Czech people will get an even stronger hatred for the Union and be more likely to wish to leave when Zeman manages to organize the referendum successfully. We can’t tell how far this conflict will go, but as it goes now, it seems to increasingly get itself into trouble. Another question regarding the future of the Czech Republic is whether Zeman will keep pushing the limits of the Czech constitution, and – if that’s the case – how far he will manage or be willing to do so. Does Zeman want to be an authoritarian dictator? We’re not sure, but he would likely have taken more risks and pushed the constitution more in his first term if this was really his plan. He seems to be a man of principle, and to be fully convinced of the opinions he espouses, whatever those happen to include.

Zeman will likely keep being skeptical to the Union. Particularly because of the freedom of movement policies, but also because of Greece’s participation, and Zeman’s fear that his country’s taxpayers would need to subsidize them. As several other commentators have pointed out, he will likely move the country towards more Eastern relations, and thus – sort of – “change sides” in international geopolitics, between the West and the East. What this implicates for the future of geopolitics is, of course, difficult to predict. How important it may be in the future in comparison to the past, whether it will change course in the next election, are different questions to respond aptly to, but we should know from philosophical history that politicians’ attitudes and values come and go, while that of culture can remain unchanged for quite a while. Czech culture seems to have remained such for a while, and will likely continue to do so, however long it might last.

Youtube Demonetizes “Thank You President Trump” Video, Claims Not Suitable

By Asish Samson

The popular internet site Youtube has demonetized a video of several Americans thanking Trump for a great past year. It labelled the video as “not suitable for advertising” even before it was published. Mark Dice, the popular media analyst and author shared a screenshot of this on his twitter to expose how Youtube was targeting his videos.

Dice also revealed that almost every video of his were targeted even before they were published if they contained the word “Trump” in their title. He also claimed that Youtube was trying to silence conservative voices and discourage people from publishing Pro-Trump videos by selectively targeting them. He called out Youtube on Twitter to make their stance more clear on independent news channels.
Youtube, which was bought by its parent company Google in 2006 was many times previously accused of bias and discrimination against right leaning users and videos. Youtube has also been accused of direct promotion and over saturation of liberal videos and users while suppressing and demoting conservative content. Dennis Prager, the famous author and respected talk show host and PragerU, his website have sued Youtube in October last year over their discrimination and suppression of PragerU videos. Youtube used the “Restricted mode” filter on their videos which severely limit views and suppress them in search results. Some of the restricted videos contain educational content like the Korean War, Israel, Diversity of thought on college campuses etc. PragerU described Youtube’s actions as “absurd, arbitrary, capricious and devoid of any rational basis”. Also murky is Youtube’s criteria for Hate Speech. Youtube immediately acts on removes any content which they deem as “hate speech”. Videos that even slightly criticise Islam are given warning or removed without warning while many videos that insult and degrade Christianity with profanity are left alone. Youtube even promoted a video which actually teaches children(below 13 years) how to pleasure themselves, while banning Christian content. Any content that slightly deviates from the accepted liberal worldview is deemed “not suitable” or “restricted”. For example, Madeline Macaulay who voiced her opinion on same-sex marriage on Youtube had her video immediately removed without any warning while many others videos which express the opposing viewpoint are not touched. The Young Turks, which regularly make fun of conservatives has no problem with their videos while Mark Dice’s Man on the Street videos in which he questions liberals and democrats about their views has been automatically deleted along with his 800 plus videos. Since then it has been reinstated.

Youtube has also removed or suppressed undercover videos that expose corruption of the left and the democrats such as the Planned Parenthood videos which expose them selling baby parts and Hillary’s campaign indulging in large scale voter fraud and electoral corruption. These videos were mysteriously restricted and views were not added even though they were watched by millions while Obama’s speech about Hillary which then had just 300 views was “trending” on Youtube.

Many conservatives have left Youtube for other sites like QubeTV and Tangle. Meanwhile, Youtube is currently operating at a loss of half a billion dollars a year.


Vigilantes In The Greater Manchester Area.

By Steven E. White

Vigilantes have taken matters into their own hands in the streets of Bolton, patrolling Ladybridge and other areas of the town, complaining that police have not adequately combatted crime in the area. Neighboring towns, such as Blackrod and heaton, have seen similar actions of individuals, many wear balaclavas and are armed with baseball bats, axes, or other weapons.

An anonymous man in Blackrod, a neighboring town to Bolton, stated the criminals are “playing with the wrong vigilantes.” The masked man posted a video of him taking an axe to an accused drug dealer’s car, then dropping it from 10 feet up, on its back, from a forklift. “To the criminals in Blackrod who think they can go around robbing f**** shops, driving cars like this…. We’ll get your cars and drop em.” He stated in the video. The same man then expressed, ‘Everyone in Blackrod is living in fear of these scumbags robbing houses and vehicles. Something is done about it and people start moaning. We can’t win. The vehicle was not reported as stolen.’

Some praise the man’s actions, telling how it’s come to this point, where the people have to take their town’s safety into their own hands, and that this man is a hero for doing so. Others condemn the man’s actions, as one writes, “I understand the sentiment but in my opinion this is not the way to deal with it… Someone is going to get hurt or in serious trouble..I don’t know what the solution is but it definitely is not this!”

Since 2010, the Great Manchester Police has been having trouble fulfilling their work, as the government has cut much of its funding. The force has lost about 2,000 officers and 1,000 civilian workers since that time. In February, 2017, Horwich Police station was shut down, which was the closest station to Blackrod. Villages were then prompted to direct their inquiries to Bolton Police Station.

In ten-week’s time, from last August to November, there were 39 burglaries in Heaton and Lostock alone. Heaton and Lostock have no dedicated police force or PCSOs. During that time, there were 11 burglaries in Horwich and Blackrod, with 20 in Astley Bridge, and 14 in Smithills. Andy Morgan, a councilor of the two towns, expressed alarm in a letter to Mr. Burnham, the Mayor of the Greater Manchester Area, worried the citizens might take the law into their own hands.

Cllr Morgan stated in a meeting “The residents have also set up a Whatsapp group and stated that it is constantly monitored and that if someone falls victim to a crime they should immediately post of the group then people would rush to the house to ‘sort it out’.”

Police plan to hold a meeting with civilians as Cllr Morgan calls for “fair resources across the patch,” saying that frontline police are “doing what they can.” Many are worried about problems that may ensue because of civilians patrolling the streets. Some speculate that, if the problem is not dealt with; if the state does not provide adequate provisions, and if the people continue taking on responsibility of the police, then anarchy could begin prevailing.

AfD Politician Converts To Islam

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

The German party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has recently been subjected to a rather extraordinary experience. AfD has since last fall been a member of the Bundestag (federal parliament in Germany,) and is now the third biggest party in the country. They are commonly accused of being “far-right” or “right-wing extremists” due to their anti-Islamic and anti-immigration rhetoric. Now, however, they may have come in a puzzling situation. One of their own politicians had now converted to Islam. This politician was Arthur Wagner, who has been a representative since 2015 and been a leading party official in Brandenburg – a state in North-Eastern Germany. How could this strange scenario make sense in any way?

The party spokesman Daniel Friese said that Mr. Wagner resigned on January 11, and that “only afterward was it known that he had converted to Islam.” He has refused to talk about his conversion, Friese says, because “he believes it is a private affair.”

The party said that, regardless of Wagner’s conversion, they stood for the constitutional right of religious freedom, and that, puzzled as they may have been, supported his right to conversion. As the spokesman said: “The party has no problem with that,” but, as David Graham of The Atlantic notes (https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/551438/), “one can imagine his new religious identity would create some awkwardness with his old chums. AfD has, for example, used the slogan ‘Islam does not belong to Germany.’”

However, this isn’t the first time this has happened. For instance, a member of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), Arnoud van Doorn, also left the party and become a Muslim. The PVV calls themselves “a Dutch nationalist and right-wing populist party,” whilst the Atlantic calls them “another far-right, anti-Islam party.” This also happened in France, with Maxence Buttey: “A Front National local councilor has embarrassed France’s far-Right party by announcing his recent conversion to Islam – and urging fellow members to join him.” () Another instance of this was the American 18-year-old neo-Nazi in Tampa who likewise converted, but who additionally killed two of his neo-Nazi roommates.

Mr. Buttey, who was a counselor in Front National, told Le Parisien that an important reason for “far-right” members converting to Islam was that “both are demonized and very far from the image portrayed in the media.” “The far-right movement had more in common with the religion than its members realized,” he claimed.

Michael Hogg, a British psychologist, claims to have a better explanation of the mental aspect of the conversion. He has developed an ‘uncertainty-identity theory’, which claims that people seek to reduce difficult questions of how people view them, who they are, and where they fit into the world. He says that a method to satisfy this motivation is to identify with a group which fulfills all of these questions: it “defines and locates oneself in the social world … [,] prescribes how one should behave and how one should interact with others.”

The phenomenon of Islam-critics converting to Islam seem quite unintuitive, and is a relatively new one, but with the explanation given by Hogg, one can get a sense that some people have arrived in such “radical” groups as a result of them struggling with such questions, and that they may have converted due to a subjective experience feeling it may have, for instance, have more to offer in one way or another, i.e. in answering the difficult questions mentioned.

YouTube’s Generation Z Redpiller, Pewdiepie, Reaches 60 Million Subscribers

By Kanach Peterson

The Swedish YouTube sensation Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has surpassed 60 million subscribers on his main channel. This makes another milestone of which he is the first to make, while solidifying his position as the most popular youtuber.

PewDiePie is no stranger to the title of “top subscribed.” Going back to the launch of his channel in 2010, he first achieved this feat in August of 2013. He was then usurped by the YouTube Spotlight channel before regaining his number 1 rank later in the year.
Although, every year is a prosperous year for PewDiePie, he came under controversy several times in 2017. The first of which came in February, 2017 when The Washington Post made a Post accusing him of anti-Semitism and Nazism in his videos. The claims resulted in PewdiePie being removed his partnerships with Disney and YouTube, and the cancellation of his YouTube Red series, Scare PewdiePie. But that’s not the only time PewdiePie would come under fire in 2017. Later, in September he was heard on his YouTube stream calling an opponent a “fucking nigger” while playing PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. However, he made several public apologies to remedy of this and started to grow again after the situation was dealt with.

PewDiePie’s content has changed several times over the years to accommodate the changing interests of his fans and viewers of YouTube as a whole. During the beginning of his YouTube career PewDiePie was known mostly for his walkthroughs of horror games, while know he is known for his commentary videos. While brushing with controversy several times did stunt the growth of his channel, has proven to still be the most dominant force on the platform.

Monique Angela Asks Fans To Boycott Netflix Over Gender And Race Bias

By Kanach Peterson

This past weekend actor and comedian Monique Angela Hicks posted a video to YouTube pleading with her fans to join her in a boycott of the online streaming service Netflix. She states, “gender bias and colour bias” as the main reasons for her boycott. She follows by explaining that she was offered a $500,000 contract to do a comedy special on Netflix, she then compares the size of her contract to that of comedian Amy Schumer, a white comedian, that was offered an $11,000,000 contract for a comedy special. This is true, Amy Schumer signed a deal for about $11 Million with Netflix for The Leather Special in 2016. Schumer continued to renegotiate her contract with Netflix citing that comedy legends Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were both offered $20 million contracts for their Netflix Series’.

Schumer continued to argue that even though she knows she doesn’t deserve contracts of the same magnitude as Rock and Chappelle she still deserved “significantly more compensation.” While Monique’s request for a larger contract isn’t unwarranted, gender bias and color bias are not the reasons for her being offered a contract of this size. Monique goes on to state that when she asked Netflix why the magnitudes of their contracts were so different, Netflix stated that that’s what they think Monique would bring in terms of revenue and that they don’t use resume’s in determining one’s contract size. Netflix went on to say that Amy Schumer “Sold out Madison Square Garden twice and had a big movie over the summer.”
Monique’s approach to this issue seems quite narrow. Netflix’s claim seems reasonable even under closer examination. The bottom line is, Monique’s content and personality strongly differ from what Netflix see’s as profitable. It is well known that Netflix prefers to give comedians large contracts that have a well-established audience that will tune in to their special on Netflix. While Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, and Amy Schumer have large fanbases that have remained popular through their representation in pop-culture, Monique just isn’t as popular amongst the demographic of people who own Netflix accounts. According to a study by Business Insider, 53% of Netflix account holders reside in the United States. This means that if Netflix offered Mo’Nique and contract less than 5% of the size of Amy Schumer’s then that means Netflix is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Mo’Nique will draw only a fraction of the audience compared to that of the other “comedy legends” they have offered comedy specials to.
This isn’t the first time Mo’Nique has come into the spotlight for something like this. Back in 2015 Mo’Nique accused Lee Daniels of blackballing her in Hollywood.


Democrats Back Away From Promise, Goes Back On Wall Funding

By Asish Samson

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate is reportedly going back on his promise to fund the Trump Administration’s border wall. Schumer told reporters on Tuesday that the wall offer was “Off the table” as part of a now defunct package.

Last Friday Schumer met with Trump as part of a negotiations meeting on DACA and federal funding among others to avert a government shutdown. But, the meeting soured and ended in a stalemate that caused a three day shutdown. But, White House sources claim that Schumer only offered Legal approval and not funding.

Schumer also said that he hoped start negotiating with Trump again on a “new basis” after going back on the promise. But, Trump is not expected to budge for anything less than his proposed wall especially now that the increasing clamour of his supporters has spilled onto social media. Ann Coulter, an early Trump supporter is everyday posting updates on her twitter account reminding everyone and including Trump of his promise to build a wall. Other conservatives and Trump supporters are also waiting eagerly for Trump to fulfil his signature campaign promise and Trump, who has already fulfilled many of his campaign promises is expected to do it as fast as he possibly can provided the Democrats co-operate. But, the Democrats have recently given more priorities to their political agendas, vote bank politics and virtue signalling than protecting borders, funding the military and upholding the rule of law. After the increasing public backlash including websites like schumershutdown.com which held a countdown of the shutdown and other media the democrats backed down and allowed a stop-gap funding until February 8th. Now, they have gone back on their promise of wall funding which would only further complicates matters.

Late on Tuesday, Trump took to twitter to take on Chuck Schumer on this issue. Calling Schumer “ Crying Chuck” he reaffirmed his stance by stating that “if there is no wall, there is no DACA.” The Trump administration also appealed to the Supreme Court for a quick resolution on DACA. All in all, Trump is leaving no stone unturned in his effort to fulfil his promise of a “big, beautiful wall”.


Supreme Court Races Congress On DACA Appeal

By Asish Samson

On Tuesday the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to set up a fast track to hear the Trump Administration’s appeal against a federal court’s ruling to restart the DACA programme ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Both sides are expected now to submit papers by February 16th at which date the Supreme Court confers.

If the case is taken up, the arguments would be heard in spring. This move would be a good sign for the Trump administration because it would swiftly create a resolution to the DACA issue and help in the forward movement of Trump’s agenda.

Last week, a stalemate over this particular issue and other federal budget negotiations between the Republicans and Democrats caused a three day government shutdown. Finally after increasing pressure from the American public and repeated attacks from Trump on twitter calling them out for their role in the shutdown, the Democrats backed down and agreed to a three week stop gap funding to end the shutdown on Tuesday.

Trump’s stance on DACA has been a affirmation of his hugely popular America First policy taken up during his presidential campaign. Trump announced in September last year that he would not renew Obama’s 2012 DACA programme which would end on March 5th 2018. But US Federal Judge William Aslup issued a ruling to restart the DACA programme against Trump’s decision. The US Justice Department responded by appealing to both the Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals against Aslup’s ruling. The 9th Circuit Court is a notorious court known for having a predominantly liberal bias. In the past it has repeatedly blocked Trump’s travel ban executive order that temporarily banned citizens from terrorist infested countries due to security issues. The 9th Circuit Court faced severe backlash from the public, especially conservatives for their biased agenda given more priority than the security of a nation.
Finally, the Supreme Court allowed Trump’s travel ban to take effect last December. Now again, another of Trump’s policies has reached the steps of the apex court which would hearten Trump’s administration. Last year Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch, a conservative leaning constitutionalist Judge to the Supreme Court to fill the post of the late Judge Anton Scalia. The Trump Administration would hope that this ruling too would vindicate their agenda.


Trump’s Black Approval Rating Doubles! At Highest Peak For Any Republican President In Over 40 Years!

By Asish Samson

US President Donald Trump’s support among black Americans or African Americans has significantly doubled since 2016 according to polling from several sources. His 8 percent approval rating taken from 2016 exit polls average has doubled in 2017 to 17 percent. About 23 percent of black men approved of Trump’s performance as opposed to 11 percent black women.

This comes at a time when it was revealed recently that the unemployment numbers among African Americans was at a 44 year record low. On January 13th the New York Times reported that unemployment among blacks was 6.8 percent. Another CBS poll even opined that Trump’s support among blacks could be even higher or it would eventually grow.

There are many factors for these approval numbers but, the biggest of which has to be Trump’s economic policies followed by his stance on immigration. For example, he withdrew USA from the Trans Pacific Partnership which allowed large corporations hire imported Asian immigrants for cheap labour to maximize profit while ignoring American workers. Trump’s tax cuts bill also gave a much needed huge boost to the American labour with many corporations declaring bonuses and hike in wages during December. Many African Americans also benefited from Trump’s strict stance on illegal immigration which caused a huge dent in available jobs.

All this is ironic since most of the mainstream media and the Democratic party have always tried to paint Trump as a racist or white supremacist since the day he chose to run for office. Many members of the democratic party including Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly accused Trump of hateful rhetoric against blacks and other coloured people in general even though Trump had not used any language that he previously had not used while attacking white persons. These democrats accuse Trump of closet racism while they themselves have repeatedly targeted whites particularly based on their race. Many sections of the mainstream media also ran stories that implied the same.

Recently a section of the main stream media ran hectic stories of how Trump called Haiti or other African countries “shit holes” during closed door negotiations on immigration based on a highly dubious source who almost back pedalled on it. Many democratic members joined the drama by criticising and virtue signalling on live television and social media while blindly ignoring the Clinton Foundation’s atrocities in Haiti including misuse of funds for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

This boost among black voters will be a shot in the arm for the Republicans while vindicating the Trump administration’s policies in light of the very important November Mid term elections. A win for Republican in these elections could give a game changing majority for Trump to fulfil his campaign promises completely.