Relationships In General Are Slowly Becoming A Thing Of The Past, Let Alone Marriage

It is very common for one to question why they are still single, according to multiple studies more people are single than ever before. This is apparent for every demographic at this particular time, never before have so many been unable/unwilling to commit themselves to a relationship. But whose fault is this? Nobody is at fault in particular, but some are slightly more to blame than others. This article is not going to point fingers at anyone specifically, as something as important as sustaining the human race is a team effort and needs to be met with all hands on deck.

Men and college boys

An open letter from The Odyessy states that college boys are to blame for the fall in the number of relationships in the 18-24 demographic. The letter states that these boys are too afraid of commitment to stay with a woman because they are simply looking for sex or a short term partner to keep them company until College is over.

“There is a trend with you college boys. You flirt, f*ck, and forget. Sometimes you even do it repeatedly giving the girl a small glimmer of hope that you aren’t inhumane. The saddest part is that most of these girls are your friends! Your mindless desire for sex takes over, and you forget that there is a respectable young woman in front of you.”

Although this open letter was likely penned by a radical feminist who hates men, credit is due when she mentioned the fact that these college boys are afraid of commitment and the fact that they are too scared to settle down into a long term relationship. The writer is not wrong, fewer and fewer males are wanting to settle down. This letter gives a strong collectivist tone where the writer blames all college boys for not wanting to settle down – this is not the case as, although very few, some men seek to settle down in their teens to 20’s.

The letter portrayed what women thought of men (or ‘boys’), but what do men think of women?

Women are at a fault as well

Suzanne Venker wrote a piece called ‘The war on men’. According to Venker’s article for Fox News, the most common reason why men do not settle down is because ‘women are not women anymore’. What this means is that, thanks to radical third wave feminism, women are now competing with men by being more masculine and taking on more masculine roles. Men do not want to compete with women, they want to love them. 2nd wave feminism, also known as classic feminism, encourages women to respect themselves as the women they are. 3rd wave feminism contradicts this by telling women that the only way to be equal to a man is to behave like one. At this point, men are starting to give up on women and joining a movement called the ‘Sexodus’. Not to be confused with involuntary celibates, better known as Incels, who are men who have given up on women just because they are ugly. They too are part of the problem.

Marriage is becoming near to extinct

According to a study, the number of women in the US who see marriage as an important step in life has risen from 28% to 37% since 1997. The number of men who see marriage as an important step in life has fallen from 35% to 29%. Although the percentage is increasing for women, it is still a low percentage. Why is it that most women do not seek to get married anymore? Some may argue that women are becoming less religious, which means that women no longer feel inclined to be blessed by a greater being in order to love someone. On the other hand, promiscuity is being promoted by the music promoted by the Mainstream Media – telling young girls that men are bad and that it’s always better to not commit to them. Whilst more women want to get married, men on the other hand do not. What good does marriage offer to a man? Men are told that in marriage they end up losing their freedom, personal space, possessions, privacy, friends and (in extreme cases) family. Men fear commitment for this reason.

The Feminism chain

This is often what creates feminists, apart from those involuntary celibates indoctrinated by college professors.

  1. This usually begins with a young woman who wants to spend her younger years partying as a free woman. This is absolutely fine.
  2. Here is where the problem starts. There is a part of a woman’s life where her uterus starts to dry up, this can happen anywhere between 25-35. If a woman is still partying and refusing to settle down past the age of 35 then she will not be very fertile.
  3. Most men and women look to settle down in their mid to late 20’s, a 35 year old woman who has spent her life partying will find it very hard to find a partner and have a child in the time she’s got left.
  4. Some women do achieve the above but those who don’t begin to realise that they are alone. Many of these women turn to feminism for confirmation.
The Proud Boys movement

A movement has been started by political commentator and former punk rocker, Gavin McInnes, to try and encourage young men to go and connect with other women. They are called the Proud Boys. Their rules revolve around masculinity for men. Members are told to stop masturbating, stop watching pornography and are urged to speak to at least 5 women a day. This group was formed to enforce healthy relationships and to stop men from being scared of commitment.

By Damien Taylor

Kevin Sharkey, Irish Presidential Candidate Backs Tommy Robinson

By Asish Samson


Kevin Sharkey, the Irish presidential candidate and acclaimed artist has come out in support of Tommy Robinson, the activist and vlogger who was arrested for reporting on grooming gangs. Sharkey posted a video on his official campaign page backing Tommy and calling for his release. He has said Tommy cared deeply for Britain and is a patriot.


In the video on his Facebook campaign page Sharkey strongly supported Tommy Robinson calling him “A man who has serious concerns about his country. He is highlighting something that the mainstream media should have been highlighting and he stepped up to the plate.” He opined that Tommy Robinson was speaking on behalf of ordinary people. “When people tell you Tommy Robinson is not a racist, they’re lying. He is a patriot.” He also spoke in support of Free speech and admonished political correctness. “The whole things has gone to a situation in which you cannot criticise the powers that be, this is a very dangerous thing. It’s close to Nazi Germany” he warned. He also warned about the deteriorating situation in Britain and said that it was one step away from Ireland.


Kevin Sharkey was a former TV presenter and one of Ireland’s most famous artists. He announced his candidacy for the Presidency in March of this year. He launched his political campaign in Fingal with slogans of “ Ireland First” and “ Make Ireland Fair again”. He is a free speech fundamentalist who advocates for a free and open conversation  which he believes is the key element of a functioning democracy and a key part of being Irish.


His campaign is mainly centred on Immigration and his criticism of mass immigration which is currently damaging the prospects of poorest citizens and compounded by the competition for Jobs and current housing crisis. He advocates for Common Sense Immigration laws inspired by Australia. He is also staunchly opposed to the European Union. He is opposed to the ever growing power of Brussels and believes that Irish politicians should put Ireland and Irish citizens first ahead of the EU. He is also a proponent of secularism and is strongly opposed to radicalism from both majority and minority religions in the country. He is also proponent for gay rights.


He has received overwhelmingly good reception so far from the Irish public. His interviews in the Claire Byrne show and with Ray D’Arcy among other were received very well from the public. He also has a good following on social media. He is a seen by the public as an independent, Anti- Globalist and Anti-Establishment candidate who actually cares about the Irish people. Let us hope he succeeds in achieving in liberating Ireland from the clutches of globalist agenda.

Morgan Freeman Exposes CNN And Demands Apology Over False Rape Accusations

By Asish Samson


Morgan Freeman, the veteran Hollywood actor has exposed CNN’s journalistic malpractices and demanded an apology from them for wrongfully accusing him of sexual misconduct and harassment.  Prominent Hollywood lawyer Robert Schwartz sent a ten page letter to CNN’s Jeff Zucker which contained the demands on Freeman’s behalf.


Freeman has recently been accused of making unwanted and sexist comments towards women including CNN’s Chloe Melas along with two other women. The letter sent by Schwartz questions these reports and points out the flaws in them. The letter says that Chloe Melas who claimed that Freeman made unwanted comments towards her during an Going in Style interview conducted by her had “no basis whatsoever to conclude that the comments were directed at her”. The letter also claims that an independent third party Warner Bros HRD also examined the video tapes and concluded that her accusations had no basis in facts. The second victim Tyra Martin has gone on public record twice since the article was published to claim CNN had misrepresented what she had told them and that Freeman never harassed her. The third victim Lori McCreary had also told CNN that Freeman never harassed her. To this CNN attacked McCreary with other accusations which again were found to untruthful when investigated by a third party.


The letter claims that Melas goaded, prodded and baited the victims to make these accusations on Freeman. Freeman’s reputation and career took serious injury due to these accusations, the letter claimed and therefore CNN must at the least issue a retraction and offer an apology through the same channels and with the same intensity it used to accuse Freeman on May 24. It also demanded that CNN should retract the story against McCreary and apologise to her for the damage.


These accusations are a long line of “mistakes” made by the CNN in the recent years which exposes their penchant for twisting facts and creating new ones to fit their narrative and attack those that disagree with them. There is a reason why President Trump nicknamed them “Very fake news”.

Confirmed: Tommy Robinson Sentenced To 13 Months In Prison

By Asish Samson 

Tommy Robinson, the founder of European Defence League and political activist/commentator has been arrested by the British police outside the Leeds Crown Court on Friday morning. He was reporting on the  hearing on the child grooming case when police grouped up on him and took him into custody under “suspicion of causing breach to peace”. In fact, Tommy Robinson was doing nothing provocative or violent when he was arrested.

In the video recorded of the incident he can be seen arguing and reasoning with police who seem hell bent on arresting him. “How have I incited people? This is free speech!” Robinson claims even as the police surround him. One officer demands that he stop his live feed as Robinson asks for a solicitor. In the video, he can be seen explaining what’s happening inside the court to his viewers. Nobody seems to understand how he was breaching the peace by taking a video. As the police group around him, he is forced into the van. Lauren Southern, another activist has revealed in her tweet that Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison within hours of arrest! Yes, 13 months for filming a video. There is no clear reason for why he was given such a harsh sentence other than as a revenge politics by the UK police system. Robinson and his EDF has previously clashed with the police multiple times during marches and protests.

Katie Hopkins, Gavin McInnes along with Lauren Southern have condemned the arrest and sentencing on twitter.  Lauren Southern also claimed that there was a UK reporting ban on reporting this incident in the media and to support her claim several articles reporting this were soon taken down from the internet. There is a widespread fear that Tommy Robinson would be attacked during his jail time and this was also acknowledged in the court. Southern claims that this was nothing short of a death sentence.

Despite several efforts by the media and the government to keep this news under wraps, the news spread rapidly in social media. There have been several calls for protests since.

Tomi Lahren Attacked, Harrassed by “Tolerant” Liberals in Minneapolis

By Asish Samson


Tomi Lahren, conservative pundit and Fox news commentator was attacked and harassed by a group of liberals in a restaurant in Minneapolis on Sunday. The incident occurred when Tomi Lahren was leaving the UNION restaurant along with her mother in downtown Minneapolis. The recorded footage of the incident shows an unidentified woman throwing a drink on Tomi Lahren while her friends abuse her verbally. A member of the group appears to have recorded this in Snapchat along with the caption “Lol” and an emoji signifying laughing.



A caption at the bottom of the screen reads “Throws a drink on Tomi Lahren hahaha”. Another video shows Tomi Lahren confronting the woman and the group she is with. She is seen heatedly arguing with the woman. Lahren’s mother Trudy is also seen having a verbal confrontation with the group that abused her daughter. While this was happening another man approached the scene and started cursing and verbally abusing them. He yelled “F*** that B***h!, F*** that H**!, Racist a** b***h!” as Lahren  was arguing. He also yelled “Why you even out here?” towards her. Lahren and her mother had to escorted by a bouncer out of the restaurant for their safety.  She addressed the matter on her Twitter account and thanked people for the support even from those who disliked her. Kathy Griffin, a liberal comedian also tweeted her support.


These kind of attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters by the “tolerant left” have been on constant rise since the start of Trump’s campaign. They have been fuelled by a constant barrage of negative coverage by the mainstream media and hatred fanned by the liberals. While media blows up even a small incident against liberals, such attacks against Trump are largely ignored. The so called “Tolerant liberals” are only tolerant if one agrees with their views. As soon as someone disagrees with them they get down to abusing and name calling. Even minorities are not exempt from this treatment.



Feminists: Deadpool 2 is a Sexist Film!

By Asish Samson

Note: Major Spoilers Ahead

Deadpool 2, the recently released Marvel superhero film is apparently a sexist and misogynistic film according to  Aja Romano a writer for Vox, the  ultra liberal news site.x Romano claims that the film is sexist because the main female character and the love interest of the protagonist dies in the film. She claims that these trope is sexist because the film makers used the death of a woman to move the plot forward.


According to her male fans have “the privilege of encountering and experiencing sexist narratives” differently. She claimed that the film makers treated the female character as “disposable” and called the plot point  a “most toxic trope”. She claims that Women and Genderqueer(Mentally disordered ) would be offended by this “sexist storytelling”. She also claimed that blockbuster films like The Fugitive, The Count of Monte Cristo, Seven and some James Bond  films also followed this “misogynistic storytelling”. She states that the writers of the film should have realised the “inherent sexism” while writing. Then she states that “White Men are accustomed to seeing themselves reflected in the hero in every movie” and such kind lf tropes in films would “perpetuate toxic attitude towards women”. And she doesn’t stop there. She claims that by encountering “this kind of deeply misogynistic violence” women are silenced and worn down. She also posits a solution for the problem: Diversity.


Deadpool 2 is the R rated sequel of the Marvel film Deadpool(also rated R). While some people like these are offended by this film, Deadpool 2 had a huge 125$ million opening last Friday and is well on its way to a highly successful run. What people like Aja Ramon need to understand is that people go to movies to be entertained. Not to taught about social justice. She also misses the point that Vanessa, the female character who dies is also the person most dear to the protagonist and therefore would only serve to highlight her importance in the script. Instead Ramon cherry picks a single plot point and uses it to bash “white men”, privilege and film makers in general.


To sum it up, Aja Ramon was looking for something to be offended about in Deadpool 2 an R-rated film so she could virtue signal to the world by fighting “misogyny and sexism” by watching and critiquing Marvel films.

James Clapper: Spying on Trump was a “Good Thing”!

By Asish Samson

In a bizarre admission James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence has stated in an interview that the FBI spying on Trump was a “Good thing for the country”. He made this very strange statement during an interview with Don Lemon about the Russian collusion narrative on CNN.  It has recently been revealed that the FBI placed an “Inside man” in the Trump campaign to spy and leak information.


These revelations were part of the Russian collusion narrative that is so passionately pursued by the Democrats and the mainstream media. But, instead of revealing any evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, it opened up and exposed a string of multiple crimes committed by the Democratic Party, Clinton Campaign and the Obama Administration. It was recently exposed that the Clinton campaign paid the Fusion GPS to set up Trump’s eldest son to meet with a banned Russian citizen so as to malign Trump and his campaign. The Clintons used their influence to allow the banned citizen to enter the USA just so that they could set up Trump Jr. It was also later revealed that the Clinton campaign also paid for the Steele dossier which was a fake dossier used as a basis to spy on Trump. The Obama Administration then used its power of office to direct multiple intelligence agencies to spy on Trump during the election campaign. All this just to make Hillary Clinton win the election.


As more and more violations by the Democratic party and the Obama administration along with some members of the intelligence community were exposed all of them doubled down on the “racist, sexist, homophobe” rhetoric and tried to divert attention away by attacking the 2nd amendment, tax cuts, travel ban etc. James Clapper was one of official used by the Obama administration to spy on Trump and now they seem to justifying the crimes they committed by claiming they did it for their country while actually they were the ones trying to subvert their country’s democracy by trying to wrongfully influence the election in favour of their political leanings.


The list starts from Obama and Hillary Clinton to people like James Clapper, James Comey, John Kerry and Christopher Steele. All the violations committed by these people are played down or ignored by the mainstream media while giving chunks of time to people like Stormy Daniels and David Hogg.

Buzzfeed Attacks Black Activist Candace Owens Over Her Conversion To Conservatism

By Asish Samson

Buzzfeed has attacked black activist and director of Turning point USA Candace Owens in a recent article for her conservative views. Candace Owens claims that Buzzfeed has done a hit piece on her for her outspoken conservative views. On her Twitter account she has claimed that the Buzzfeed reporter that her former colleagues were harassed and were forced into giving statements about her.


On Tuesday Buzzfeed ran an article which claimed that Candace Owens had run articles against Trump in her previous, now defunct blog “Degree180” written by Joseph Bernstein. While all this is normal, Candace Owens tweeted that Joe Bernstein threatened her former colleagues and current college students that if they didn’t give statements if he would print their names and expose them. She also stated that all these women had also previously suffered from mental health conditions like anxiety, depression etc. While, Joe Bernstein has claimed in a tweet that all these allegations against him were false and Buzzfeed defended it’s writer claiming that the reporter was just doing his job, Candace Owens stood by her claim and stated that she even has proof of the harassment.


Candace Owens shot to the national limelight recently after she was pointed out by singer Kanye West on his Twitter account by retweeting her. Kanye West then reiterated his support for Trump and tweeted out a picture of his MAGA hat signed by Trump. This caused many of his peers and other Hollywood liberals to fly into a rage. While some called him an “Uncle Tom”, other put up an argument with him and claimed he had no right to support Trump. Kanye West, who is no stranger to controversies has kept his cool but didn’t back down from his stance. He was also one of the few celebrities who met Trump when he was the President-elect in his Trump Tower in New York.


Meanwhile Candace Owens has doubled down on her conservative stance and stated that Buzzfeed had no right to tell her about what views she should have as a black woman.

Climate Change is Racist: Says Liberal Writer

By Asish Samson

According to Maya Lewis, a writer for Everyday Feminism website climate change is racist. She writes: “People of color, Poor people and women are most adversely  affected by climate change”. She writes that climate change “worsens” gender equality and discrimination especially on women of color. While no reason is given why climate change effects each race differently she goes on pointing out more of this “racism” further in the article.


Her solution for the Climate change problem: Gender equality i.e more women dictating climate policies. Not based on qualification, but based on gender. She quotes: “There cannot be climate justice without gender justice”. She then claims that women understand climate change better than men (sexist much?) and therefore must be dictating climate change policy. And then according to her LGBTQ people are also discriminated by climate change. She claims that relief efforts during natural disasters fail in aiding trans and queer communities and that emergency shelters are always not equipped for LGBTQ people and what’s more she asks that media should focus more the experiences of LGBTQ disaster victims. While all this seems ridiculous and strange it only gets worse further on.

Her other solution for tackling climate change: Diversity. That’s right. Good ol’ diversity. According to her article: “Between 2013 to 2016 six ciswomen delegates were elected as chairs for the UN Framework on climate change while this year only three ciswomen were elected”. She also points out that there no LGBTQ people in these conventions and therefore they are discriminatory. The fact that she completely seems to miss is that this is a UN Convention meeting and people are elected based on their experience and qualification and not a SJW meeting where people are selected to fill racial and diversity quotas.


Rather than see climate change as a collective human experience she breaks down the victims into races, genders and sexualities. And then she claims discrimination on one side even though there is no evidence that climate change affects one race more than the others or women more than men. Instead of seeing everyone as victims, she sees victims based on skin color, gender and sexualities. This is a classic example of identity politics that has been the bread and butter of the liberals. Instead of concentrating on the relief efforts during natural disasters she blames the rescuers for not providing amenities to a very small minority most of whom frankly don’t care about these things. Her entire narrative is based on a non-existent discrimination and bigotry which only exist in her mind. She is so ingrained in her ideologies that everything to her even climate change is discriminatory and looking for new things to be offended about.

4 Reasons Why Trump Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize


 By Asish Samson


Ever since Donald Trump got elected as the President of the United States, there have been a myriad of reactions from around the globe. While the people who voted for Trump hoped that Trump would be a change-maker, someone who would better their lives, many others feared the opposite. Democrats screamed that Trump would destroy America, start a nuclear war, collude with Russia and bring on the end of the world itself. Less than 2 years into his Presidency Trump, A celebrity billionaire with no previous experience has actually achieved a lot more than the usual career politician with decades of experience. Now, there are increasing calls to nominate him to the Nobel Peace Prize. While many oppose this, here are 4 reasons alone that prove Trump truly deserves it.


ISIS Decimated : During the Obama Administration ISIS grew from a relatively small terrorist organisation to a global menace. It occupied whole countries, imposed its own governments, attacked Europe, South Asia and was rapidly radicalising people through the internet. Thousands fled to join them and their strength increased day by day. Enter Trump. One of Trump’s key election promises was to get rid of ISIS including the famous phrase that he would “bomb the s***t out of them”. And that’s exactly what he did. Trump’s excellent choice for Secretary of Defense James “ Mad dog” Mattis and his administration pounced on ISIS and served them blow after blow. Eventually ISIS were driven out of their strongest holds in Syria, many insurgents fled, surrendered or were killed. Their hostages were released. Just a few days ago the Trump Administration captured 5 key remaining ISIS leaders. In just a year and a half ISIS changed from a strong terror unit with significant territory to a fringe element mostly in hiding. Even Trump’s harshest critics had to agree that Trump’s election was a deathblow to ISIS


Iran Nuclear Deal : The Obama Administrations Iran Nuclear deal was a controversial step. It lifted nuclear sanctions on the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. By allowing Iran to run nuclear facilities it increased the risk of a nuclear war while doing nothing to further American interests. Again, this too was one of Trump’s promises. He promised to rollback the infamous deal and he followed through on this promise. Even as Obama and John Kerry worked behind the scenes to undermine Trump against American interests Trump stubbornly pulled out.


Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula:   This is one of the biggest reasons for his nomination. While most world leaders ignored or avoided Kim Jong Un, Trump took him head on. He was committed to the denuclearization and worked towards it by first taking a hard stance against Kim and thereby forcing him to look for peace with South Korea. It is no coincidence that as soon as the peace talks between North and South Korean concluded, a South Korean delegation immediately briefed Trump about it. And the historic Trump-Kim Jong Un meet, the first of its kind is now slated to take place in Singapore in June. Kim Jong Un has already promised to give up nuclear tests and as cherry on top released American detainees held in North Korea before the talks.


Israel- Jerusalem Capital: Again, while most leaders avoided this conflict Trump took a definite stance on the issue. With the neutral and Two State solution not working because of the Palestinians, Trump declared that the USA recognised Jerusalem as its capital and announced that he would move the embassy there. The embassy move is slated to occur sometime this week. While many argue this is a controversial move, Trump set a precedent and some other countries followed him by declaring the same. By doing this Trump reinforced Israel’s sovereignty as a nation.



While these are just a few of Trump’s international achievements Trump achieved a lot more domestically. From taking unemployment to a 40 year low and the ever increasing economy and record breaking stock market along with tax cuts and the decrease of the number of people on food stamps, Trump is doing what no politician has done for his country and he is not yet halfway there.

How To Get To The Anti-Censorship Rally In Whitehall

Apologies for our recent lack of content, everyone here all got sick at once.

If you are looking to head to Whitehall, London for the Freedom of Speech event on the 6th of May and do not know how to get there then this is for you… I will try to keep things as quick and simple as possible.

The event is in 2 segments:

First segment is the march from speakers corner to Whitehall. This is scheduled to start at 1pm. Tommy Robinson and friends will not be at this march, this march will mostly contain members of the ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ (DFLA).

The second is the actual venue itself. This is set to start at 3pm near the Cenotaph, according to latest reports. Below is the location of the Cenotaph in Whitehall:

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 00.44.52

This is how to get to the event from Euston Station.

  1. Go to Green Park on the Victoria Line*
  2. Change from the Victoria Line to the Jubilee Line
  3. Go to Westminster

This will cost £4.90 per person as you will stay within zone 1. If you are not familiar with London’s underground train system then allow yourself extra time by leaving early. Below are maps that can help.


*Note: if you want to attend the 1pm march then simply exit at Green Park Station. It should take you 20 minutes to walk there.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 01.44.01

Watch the event live here.

By Damien Taylor

10 Secrets About Ceccpoint News

By Damien Taylor (Will Mannion)

On January 2018, I made the decision to leave Ceccpoint News for good. Many have told me to do this for a very long time; I ignored them because I saw potential in their site.

Now that I have left Ceccpoint, I’ll give you some first hand info on what it is like to work there and how different it was from where I usually work now.

1. The People There Are Extremely Smart

The workers at Ceccpoint News tend to study political philosophy in depth, I wouldn’t call them ‘400 pound sweaty armpit Ancaps’ but they are extremely knowledgable in their field of expertise. Now I think of it, nobody was fat, I was probably the fattest guy there, considering my BMI is under 30 and I can easily fit through a door (so I’m not a hypocrite when I challenge obesity, as long as I don’t get any bigger). I have had a few one on one conversations with some of them, one was an English teacher called Trey Johnson. He was clearly very devoted to making sure only the truth got out and that ‘nothing else matters but the truth’, which was very admirable. At Ceccpoint, I received a lot of criticism over my writing – even at times when I didn’t really deserve it – and this made me naturally very critical of my own work.

2. The Staff Were Surprisingly Good Looking For A Bunch Of Hardcore Ancaps

As mentioned earlier, the other writers were pretty obsessed with what they did – to a point where even I just tuned out from not knowing what they were talking about. With people like that, you’d expect them to be very overweight, glasses etc… but they were either very lean or very in shape. The owner, Kevin, had a good physique to him and everyone else they employed were healthy too. I don’t think I’ll be trading women for him, but he clearly works out. I guess Conservatives are generally better looking, we had no Rosie O’Donnell types and, to be fair, we’ve never had one at Goldfire Media yet either.

3. They Didn’t Really Like Transparency As Much As They Say They Do

They may have had a change of heart between then and now but I was taken in at a time where there was a lot of communication between everyone and a few months in everything became very isolated and nobody really knew what was going on. Nobody knew when we were going to get paid and nobody was really allowed to write opinion pieces due to the long list of things that needed to be covered (that was already covered by NYT last week). At least with my job right now at Squawker, we have Skype meetings twice a month and everything is very transparent – we never had that at Ceccpoint and it was never as informal and as laid back as it is where I work now (and at Goldfire Media for that matter).

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 00.03.26

They have also deleted a great number of my articles on their website without my consent and this has in fact caused problems for me. I may be setting up an archive on my best work – since I still have my own copies. If they had deleted enough of my work then I may have a hard time getting a job, considering having no portfolio. Also notice that they have put their own Twitter account in where mine was supposed to be, considering I had no Twitter at the time.

4. It’s Pronouned ‘Check-Point’

Did you know that? This was one of the things that put me off for a very long time. When I organised an interview with an SDL activist, I kept calling our company ‘sesspoint’. I was eventually corrected on it 2 months later. Kevin Cecchine (check-kee-nee) named his company after himself, only problem is nobody knows that ‘Cecc’ is said like ‘check’. If you want to pull off a good brand image, you want your audience to be able to say your company name. This brings me onto my next point…

5. Brand In General Is A Living Meme

In case you haven’t already seen, the logo is essentially a deformed micro penis.


The strong colours and the bad logo was something most of us fought against, yet the owners profoundly refused to make a new logo – neither would they give their website a makeover. Comments have ranged from the website being ‘a website from the 90’s’ to ‘a f*cking child has made this website’. It’s not the absence of taste, it’s the opposite of taste.

6. I Have Lost 20+ Of My Old Classmates Due To Ceccpoint’s Spamming On My Facebook Account

When you are an employee at Ceccpoint, they demand access to your Facebook account if you are not quick enough to share their articles. The idea is that they basically do all the sharing for you. Instead, they keep inviting my friends into their Facebook group over and over until a large portion of my old classmates started unfriending me.

7. They Are Scammers That Are Losing Their Core Audience

Ceccpoint’s Facebook page is slowly losing likes, mostly because hardly any of those Facebook likes are genuine. What they do is merge pages (that have nothing to do with Ceccpoint) altogether to create a 15k likes page (which is slowly heading into the 14k zone).

8. They Are Bad At Business

Ceccpoint may be full of knowledgable writers, but sharing into groups until you get banned isn’t a good marketing strategy – neither is harassing your customers. They cannot sell, they write articles that they have gone into depth in but nobody wants to read them because they are so boring and uninteresting and they’ve probably heard the story before.

9. They Never Paid Their Writers Until 1.5 Years After Their Start-up

Here is where I’m supposed to be nice because they gave me an extra $25 because of how sick I was in late December/January. They were going to hand me $15 for my 7 months tenure. The total made up to be around £28.50, which was better than nothing but I would’ve expected more from a company thats been around for 18 months. I was unable to pay my employees for a while, sure, but I paid them within 4 months of starting up and I was very transparent. I spoke to a writer just recently and turns out she was paid $20 for a years worth of work. Ceccpoint claim to be capitalists, yet they don’t know the vital importance of good working conditions. Like what Richard Branson said about his business success: “If you look after the employees then the employees will look after the customers.” I’m not a Branson fan per se but if you claim to be a capitalist businessman then you’ve got to know that a happy employee makes a good business…

10. They Are Politically Correct

If you go and debate on Ceccpoint and you ask who Henry Kissinger is and what Bilderburg is then they will do a Democrat and call you an ‘insane conspiracy theorist’ and not argue a proper point against you. This is because they want to get in bed with the bigger companies so they can get more money for their site, which probably wont happen because of the terrible colours they have on it. If you dare to mention the word ‘black’ in the same sentence as ‘crime’, they absolutely lose it.

Would I recommend it? Sure, I would recommend it. Go onto their site and leave a message on how much you prefer Goldfire Media to Ceccpoint.

Florida School Shooter Bullied By Parkland Kids Promoting Gun Control VIDEO:

By Will Mannion

According to a speech made by Parkland survivor, Emma Gonzales, she and others had bullied the school shooter before the mass shooting took place. To make matters worse, she shows no remorse for doing so…

‘Those talking about we shouldn’t have ostracised him, you didn’t know this kid!’ That is a clear message that these kids are not looking to take any responsibility over the shooter, they are literally saying ‘don’t blame me, blame the gun instead’.

Watch the video here:


So lets get a few things straight:

  1. Just because Nikolas Cruz was a nasty kid with no friends, does not make it ok for Emma and her friends to ostracise him. If Cruz wasn’t picked on then the school shooting may not have happened. Cruz probably lost his marbles and massacred them for that reason alone, which isn’t justifiable either.
  2. The shooter was the one pulling the trigger, people like Cruz are the main issue – not the gun.
  3. If Cruz was a well-known creep, and was as bad as his classmates say he was, his classmates could’ve reported him and he would’ve have been committed. That way he’d never have been able to legally purchase a gun, although he probably would’ve got a gun illegally instead so I don’t think you can blame guns this time around.
  4. Cruz was on drugs at the time of the shooting, however this alone wouldn’t have caused the shooting as the shooting was planned. Emma and her classmates never spoke against how easy it was for Cruz to obtain these drugs.
  5. When Emma found out that Cruz was the shooter, according to her, nobody in her class was surprised. In this case, referring to point 3, why isn’t she calling for more sanity checks for schools?
  6. Emma shows absolutely no regret for bullying Cruz, even though it may be possible that the shooting may not have taken place if Cruz were not bullied. I wonder how the parents of the kids who died feel about this?

Personally I have no sympathy for the people who bullied Cruz and I am in favour of a lengthy sentence for Cruz or for him to be put on death row, considering that he may be too dangerous to keep alive. I believe more people should hold Emma Gonzales to question over why she doesn’t regret antagonising Cruz. In David Hogg’s case, you can read my opinion on him here.

Opinion: David Hogg Is Full Of Hate, Not Donald Trump

By Will Mannion

David Hogg, 17 year old school shooting survivor, has been making headlines in the Mainstream Media for the last week. Hogg has criticised the government’s latest demand that all students must have see through backpacks to avoid another school shooting incident, where he called it unfair and a violation of his privacy. The irony here is that Hogg has been calling for President Trump to ban guns and get rid of the second amendment whilst insulting him in the process, now he is the one worried about having his rights violated.

At this point, to judge David Hogg you have to take on board that he was involved in a school shooting. This experience for him would’ve been life changing, if the rumours that he was a paid CNN actor isn’t true. So at the beginning, I personally had some sympathy for Hogg over what he and his classmates had been through. Hogg had a good opportunity to do some research over the causes of school shootings and how we can effectively prevent it. Instead he went straight to CNN to read of off a script that they had specially prepared for him, where he embraced his role of bashing the NRA and the second amendment – even though a ban on the second amendment would not get rid of gun crime, period. Banning illegal weapons will go as well as the war on drugs, there will always be drugs and there will always be guns. Other students have testified against CNN for putting them onto a script, where the bash the NRA and the President.

Then bad went to worse when Hogg started insulting people personally, including in the President of the United States who has expressed his intention to help make schools safer. In a conversation between Hogg and President Trump, Hogg blanked Trump and hung up on him. At this point, it became apparent that Hogg was only interested in ripping on the president rather than wanting to make his country safe of gun crime.

Then was the moment I lost all respect for the boy, when he started needlessly attacking parents over their politics. “When your old-ass parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the f*cking phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a f*cking democracy, so we have to.” I don’t have any children but if I did have children, I would not want them listening to him.

But the worst part about him is that he acts like a facist. Now with a large Twitter following that will like his every post, Hogg feels like a leader with loyal followers. However it is strange that he’d choose this as an outfit:


This is very Nazi-ish of you David, good luck getting the Jewish communities to embrace this look.


Oh and they even come in red, just like the Nazi’s, all he needs is a brown shirt and an SS cap! And his followers are the ones who dare to call anyone right of Stalin a facist… You can argue that there is a peace symbol on it but I’ll remind you that Hitler stated that he was for the people and wanted to help rebuild Germany.


Here is the snotty weasel giving a salute after a very big headed speech at the March For Our Lives Rally where students were reportedly bullied to go by their schools. All he needs to do is unclench his fist and he’s gone full on Goebbels. But don’t just take my word for it, here is what Twitter had to say about it all:

David Hogg is not a hero, he is a puppet for the DNC created to try and take away the rights of hundreds of millions of ordinary Americans. He does not stand up for the safety of his country, all he wants to do is act like a child and rip into the President for political brownie points. He had an opportunity to raise questions and look into the most efficient ways to stop school shootings. Instead he became CNN’s puppet.

Facebook Scandal: Facebook Allowed Obama Campaign To Access Private Info

By Asish Samson

The recent Facebook scandal in which Cambridge Analytic used private information from Facebook and used it during Trump’s campaign caused quite a stir in the mainstream media with channels like CNN covering it almost non-stop. What these news channels are selectively omitting is the fact that Obama Campaign used the very same techniques to gather and disperse private information from Facebook to attract more voters during the 2012 Presidential Campaign. What’s even more shocking is that Facebook actually knew about this and even allowed it. Even more disturbing is the revelation that Facebook actually admitted to the Obama Campaign that they were “ On their side” and wouldn’t have allowed anyone else to do it.

Carol Davidsen, Obama’s former Director of Integration and Media Analytics revealed this through several tweets. She revealed that “Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing.” She also revealed that Facebook employees even visited them in their office. “They came to office in the days following election recruiting &  were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side.”

She admitted that she felt “creepy” about the whole project. “I worked on all of the data integration projects at OFA. This was the only one that felt creepy, even though we played by the rules, and didn’t do anything I felt was ugly, with the data.” She even tweeted a video on Youtube in which she is shown being dragged off stage when she begins to talk about Facebook.

Even the Time Magazine wrote a piece about how the Obama Campaign used Facebook information during the final stages of the campaign. Carol Davidsen built a database of every American voter using a tool called the social graph API. This means that every time a Facebook user logged into Obama’s website, the Obama data scientists could get all the access to their profile as well as the their friend’s information along with the closeness of the relationships. Basically the Obama campaigned sucked up all the private information of the user and their friends without their consent. Yet, Facebook allowed all this.

These kind of privacy violations and manipulations are nothing new for the Obama Administration. They have previously used media and social media to deliberately spread false information through echo chambers. While the mainstream media were losing their minds over Trump Campaign, Obama misused his power to spy on Trump. Yet, none of the mainstream media ever covered that as it should have been covered. Obama has gotten a free pass from the press and the Justice system even after many violations.

Mayor Removes Armed Forces From All NYC Public Schools

By Will Mannion

Bill De Blasio, the Mayor of New York, has followed through with his promise that schools in New York City would become gun free zones. This means that police officers inside the school are no longer allowed to be equipped with a firearm. This was done in an effort to make schools safer, a campaign De Blasio fought for before any of the recent mass shootings occurred.

De Blasio had written to state officials that it would cost the city 1.2 billion dollars annually to have armed officers. According to the Maven, Blasio looks to replace the armed officers with unarmed school safety agents, but how are they supposed to stop a school shooter? It is also questionable how  De Blasio can easily afford to have unarmed officers at the premises but cannot afford to have armed officers. The Maven also states that the cost of one officer at a school is £705,000 – according to Blasio. Is this a case of a Dianne Abbot level maths error or was De Blasio lying to advance an agenda?

De Blasio, in his letter to the senators, insisted the 2,300 public and private school buildings are safe with 5,000 unarmed school safety agents and 200 uniform task officers assigned to patrol inside and outside. He also noted that the Department of Education has spent $100 million to install video cameras and other safety devices.

“New York schools are the safest they’ve ever been with school crime at an all-time low. This is a direct result of the close partnership between the 5,300 members of the School Safety Division, precinct commanders and school leadership,” he said.

A possible scenario this may come in handy may be within the schools that have scanners at the front entrance, this means that the shooter would be far less likely to bring in a gun and would have to use a gun held by one of the officers. Although this scenario is very unlikely, it has now been cancelled out completely due to this gun free law. However this does mean that a shooter will have to start shooting at the entrance before reaching the scanners, this would also be very unlikely.

However, this law does have a lot of faults. A school shooter does not follow the law, gun free laws would not stop them from having the ability to smuggle a weapon onto school grounds. In a gun free zone, there is no opposing force that can match the school shooter – unlike a school that has armed officers or staff. The argument for gun free zones is based on school shooters and the fact on how dangerous guns are if they fall into the wrong hands. The same argument is used to ban the second amendment. What this argument fails to capture is the difference between a legal and illegal weapon and how illegal weapons cannot be banned by the stroke of a pen – illegal weapons are as hard to control as A class drugs.